Lovely afternoon out being palnned near St Foy La Grande

In a chateau...JUST by the river.

Ladies do you have clothes which you no longer love and wish to

sell them in the chateau grounds. A friend is planning to raise some money

for charity.

Any one interested to get involved please let me know.

Morning Christine.

It was a great idea being planned by a friend..sadly the rules for collecting money

for charity are very strict and you need to request permision for such an event 3

months in advance.

What a pity as we may have found a band to play and it would have been a

nice gathering.

The chateau were my friend was hoping to hold the venue is Pitray which

leads on to the river at Prats...VERY beautiful spot.

what Chateau are you doing it in Barbara...?? not that I'll be able to take part, obviously...xx