Low cost professional insurance for AE's

I am re posting this because I had no replies last time - and I am sure it is a topic very important to many people:

In view of the new rules enforcing AE's to have professional insurance, can anyone please recommend a company offering such insurance on an affordable basis?

My son works as a carpenter under the AE system but only on a part time basis and his earnings are thus very low so although wanting to be totally legal, cannot afford an expensive insurance policy.

Thanks in advance


Just a little note to add that the insurance is only obligatoire for certain metiers


Mostly it concerns those who are involved with buildings and those who use a vehicle for work. For others it is highly recommended to have a Responsabilité civile professionnelle.

I will also need to sort out PL Insurance as I’m a newly registered personal trainer, so any recommendations will be appreciated!

Responsibilite Civile Professionelle is the insurance cover for your work. It is not the same as the ordinary Responsibilite Civile that comes with your house insurance.

Basically Keren it is insurance for if yourwork hurts aybody - for if you are an electrician or builder or something like that. Assurance civile will not cover for that.

I am not sure what you mean by professional insurance. I have a responsabilite civile assurance professionelle which is what I have to show if anyone asks. It costs 100 or so euros for the year and I got it from the agency who does my car/house insurance. This is probably what is needed....