Low level Flying

(anon88888878) #21

Past apero hour Bill or Twister ? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Bill Morgan) #22

Sorry, you beat me Stella :grinning:

(stella wood) #23

never laid a finger…

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(Carol Lokocki) #25

wonderful memories , in france its la dance des canards not the same class

(George Nott) #26

I was lucky enough to get a flight in a 2 seat Lightning! Wonderful, exhilarating experience

(Bill Morgan) #27

Very envious George, a Lightning :open_mouth: WOW! How did You engineer that!

(George Nott) #28

Well I was an RAF engineer on the Lightning Training Flight at Binbrook in the final years of my career. We had a problem with an engine at high altitude which required several flights with groundcrew to observe the symptoms and try to resolve the issue. I’m not convinced that there was a real problem as the issue just seemed to “go away” after a few groundcrew had flown! A steep climb from sea level to 50000ft is spectacular to say the least!

(Bill Morgan) #29

Amazing aircraft George, was it not capable of the fastest rate of climb at the time?, an interceptor, in the cold war?, could take off straight out of it’s ‘hardened’ hanger?
You’re a lucky bunny Mate!