LPA witness in France


We are trying to help an elderly relative who is currently staying with us to complete a Lasting Power of Attorney before she returns to the UK. Does anyone know if we can have the completed document witnessed over here, possibly by a French national, before it is sent off to be registered in the UK?



As long as they are over 18 and not blind that seems to be allowed.

But do you have the right number of people in France to do this, as don’t you need someone who has known the person for at least 2 years, but is not a family member, to confirm that they have discussed LPA and then sign as well?

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From personal experience as a UK citizen living in France, I’ve signed legal forms in the company of a local notaire who has signed and stamped as a witness and the forms we’re then accepted in the UK.

Having dealt with UK solicitors in they pay, my only surprise is that he actually laughed when I asked what the fee was: “Frais? bien sûr que non - c’est un service d’honneur”. When I came round about half an hour later, the answer was still the same…

However, that was before Brexit so, with services not being included in the agreement, the situation may have changed.

If I were in your situation, I’d probably give AgeUK a call to see what advice they offer.

Our notaire has never charged for certifying forms, photos, passports and the like. I wouldn’t expect this to change…as brexit has nothing to do with it surely?

I’m sorry - I didn’t explain myself clearly.

I meant that now the UK has left the EU, witnessing by an EU (French, in this case) legal professional may no longer be acceptable for a UK legal document as I understand that services are outside the scope of the current agreement

If it’s not acceptable that it is signed by a French legal professional, it is likely to be even less acceptable if it is just some random French person.

May I suggest that you give the Office of the Public Guardian a ring?

I’ve dealt with them extensively over the last 18 months and found them to be extremely helpful.

Their contact phone number is at the bottom of the following internet page:

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Hello Jane
Thanks for your reply.
I think we are ok on the point you raise, it’s just someone to witness the final signature we need; two attorneys and the ?certificate provider are already in place.