Lunchtime questions

Morning All

Yesterday we went to lunch with some very good, but aging friends.

In conversation two topics came up that rather agitated them, that I could not answer.

They have been resident in France for over twenty years and are committed to staying.

They are now concerned that, after Brexit, they can no longer be buried in France but will have to be cremated.

The other question is that they want to renovate an outbuilding but have been told that there is a moratorium on conversion of unused agricultural out buildings.

I have told them to have a chat with the Marie but they are hesitant.

This might be one for Stella, the fount of all knowledge !


Hi @andyw

Your friends really do need to talk to the Mairie… but you could make enquiries on their behalf…
I do that sort of thing all the time and my Mairie are quite used to my “obscure” questions.

Our commune still has vacant burial plots, which can be bought (for a length of time) by residents of whichever nationality.
There is also a columbarium… again one purchases a “placement for the urn” for a length of time… or ashes can be sprinkled onto some large cobbles, specially placed in the garden of remembrance for that event…

OH and I intend to be buried in France… or maybe cremated… the final decision will be made at the time… :wink:

I’m just thinking sideways… perhaps where your friends live… there are no more vacant plots ??? Whatever, nationality won’t/certainly-shouldn’t play any part.

(another question to pose when I take my evening stroll with our Adjointe … just in case things have changed since our last UK folk died here… )

EDIT: re outbuildings and renovations… yet again, talk with the Mairie… I nominate you to do so… be brave… :+1: :+1:

(NB: I’ll add this question to tonight’s chat… )

Incidentally, there is no requirement to have a religious ceremony of any sort, in order to be allowed to be buried in the cemetery or cremated. The Undertakers can/will arrange a very thoughtful/caring “adieu” … in accordance with the family’s/deceased’s wishes (if known).
2nd Edit: find out if plots are still available and, perhaps, buy one now if the cemetery is nearly full… don’t want to risk being left at the roadside :wink: :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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Not at all, however the graveyard may be full at the moment. Nothing to do with Brexit.

They should definitely go and get all the information straight from the horse’s mouth by asking the secrétaire de Mairie.


As for your second question…
A topic raised by @Jane_Williamson recently has similarities… is this your area too?

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To see if there is a moratorium on the renovation of agricultural buildings in you area , you should see your Mayor, who will will be up to date on all planning decisions made by your CoC.



Thanks all.

Totally agree the marie is the most sensible course.

They are just hesitant, in their mind, to inconvenience people.

Will guide them in that direction

Thanks again


Regarding the funerals - we had a good friend who died last November. There was a totally non-religious “ceremony” in the dedicated room in the local undertakers and she was buried in the small cemetery attached to a catholic church near their house. Neither she nor her husband was Catholic.

Were they Brits though?

Yes they were.