M&S to re-open stores in France

Marks & Spencer will be back in Paris after 10 years away and will open a shop at 100 Champs-Elysées in November, selling women’s clothing and food. It will also open a chain of food-only Simply Food shops across the city.



So now you know where to get your Edamame beans!



UK Stores Delivering Overseas

Make your own!

I can’t see Greggs coming over the channel though James - I can see the union of Boulangeres getting armed with their crustiest baguettes as we type…

Mmm you’ve got my mouth watering now!

I might see if I can make some…

Woohoo a source for hot cross buns!!

Funnily enough it was one of my French students that alerted me to this ( I was out at work when Wendy posted!) - They are all very excited!

yes - it was on Survive France :slight_smile: Wendy posted about this on 18th March. Also great news!

Hoorah! I am just praying they will also do delivery to rest of France as they do in UK. Sure I read somewhere that John Lewis will shortly be doing deliveries across France!