Mac - on winter fuel

Publication : Daily Mail

Publication Date : 15/11/2013

Headline : Mac - on winter fuel

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I was appalled to read the Daily Mail Article dated 15th November 2013 and the tasteless cartoon prepared by someone called Mac who is purported to be able to enjoy the high live in London both in and out of his 1.75 million pound property.

I have widely publicised my reply to the blatant lies in the text of the paper and now I turn my attention to the so-called cartoon produced by this artist which shows two elderly people (expat pensioners) sunning themselves in deckchairs by the side of a sumptuous pool in blazing summer sun in Spain (by innuendo).

At the entrance to the property are a “Vino” van and a man delivering a crate of wine to the house. One pensioner is purported to be saying to the other “Oh goody – here comes the Winter Fuel”

I’m sure the meaning and intention of these words will not be lost on any intelligent person.

This flagrant breach of etiquette towards elderly people in general is totally unforgiveable and its intention is clearly designed to encourage festered hatred towards pensioners in general and expat pensioners in particular.

It is incredible in a land where political correctness often takes precedent over common sense, that this so-called artist who is reputed to be able to live a very grand life in London can be permitted to ‘libel’ numerous ‘poor’ pensioners without being rebuked for it.

This ignoramus is clearly looking for a gong from the Conservative party as a reward for his infamous work on their behalf in their own campaign to distort the truth about winter temperatures on the continent and vilify innocent pensioners.

In my lifetime in England I created over 1500 man-years of work for people using my own bare hands and limited finance which benefitted the government by many millions of pounds in tax and NI. This faceless individual scratches a few lines on some toilet paper and probably smirks at his success in the hurt and injury he is causing us.

He should be fired by this rag of a newspaper and reprimanded by the PCC for causing fear of violence from thugs who believe his lies and unnecessary distress from yet another unprovoked attack on our dignity. The newspaper should provide a clear and unconditional apology for their appallingly sick behaviour.

We elderly people do not deserve such despicable behaviour from the British Press.

Clauses : It is my belief that this newspaper aided and abetted by this cartoonist is duty bound not to publish articles of a defamatory nature and that are inaccurate and misleading. This is an intended libel on thousands of pensioners through the use of text and images that wholly distort the truth causing unnecessary hurt and undeserved anguish.

I know from the reaction to my article that many of you were sickened by this unjustified attack on our good collective character as retirees. Please visit the PCC complaints website and voice your opinions and complain about the conduct of these callous people. Thank you.

Clive from a bitter cold Spain at this time!