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I have little or no experience with Macs but have been asked by a customer whether I can recovering some files from a dead Mac laptop.

If this was a Windows/Linux machine I would just pull out the hard disk, put the disk in a USB caddy and connect that as an external device to another machine. Can I do the same with a Mac ? I can borrow another Mac but could I also used a Linux box ?



Thanks Simon, waiting for the Mac to be delivered

Thanks Nick, waiting for the Mac to be delivered

Just take the drive out and put it in a external caddy can be accessed from another mac, if you put it in a firewire caddy the drive can be used to boot another mac access the files from a PC best software to install on the PC is by "paragon HFS" it ...good luck

The software is only 19 dollars so not much for easy access to the files from a PC

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A quick link on how to mount that drive under Linux.

HFS+ mount under linux



should read

whether I can help in recovering some files

I did just that to a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, but it was a Windows laptop.
The file format on a Mac is HFS+
You should be able to access that with a Linux machine (or a Mac, of course). Naturally, hoping that the reason for the Mac being "dead" is not the hard disk.