Macron and Bolsonaro's war of words over Amazon fires, aid and their wives

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I find it interesting to observe how the spouses of male World Leaders behave towards each other once the formal introductions and photographs are over.

What do they talk about? Are they briefed beforehand about each other to smooth the conversational path? Do they share anecdotes about their respective OHs?
Do they ever want to scratch each others’ eyes out or pull hair? I know these are chauvinistic stereotypes, and I long to be better informed.

My wife is an expert on these things a d knows the exhaustive back-stories of the most unfamothable “Who She’s?” but she’s congée in UK at present… :frowning_face:

Reminded me of Trump’s comments some time ago about an opponent’s wife - there’s link between right-wing views, macho-posing and misogyny.