Madness or a new adventure - jumping straight in to a property purchase!

(David Martin) #104

The treatment is very green.

(stella wood) #105

It may well by now… but it used not to be… (as I understand it)… whatever, last time I passed by… the gardens were looking great (box and all)…so he is doing something right… :grin::thinking:

(David Martin) #106

That makes a lot of sense given the devastation all around. Just, please, don’t use Leylandaii. :slight_smile:

(Jane Jones) #107

In travelling round France we have found the garden centres to be better in areas where there is a sizeable population of english and dutch, ie immigrants. I made no comment about who ran these garden centres, merely presuming that being commercially minded they took notice of the opportunity provided by their clientele. It could equally be that the population have more disposable income. As I said you are lucky.

(David Martin) #108

I still think it’s a strange notion. There are far, far, far more French residents here in my part of France and any business needs to market products to meet their demand.

(Brian Wheeler) #109

Oh don’t worry there I hate leylandii my nemesis is life I spent far to much of my landscaping life cutting those down and removing the stumps to ever want to see one in any garden of mine!

(Meghann Robbe) #110

That is amazing!!! I can just imagine all the lil life stories this home has to tell💙

(Meghann Robbe) #111

Very beautiful… looks like it should be in a Home & Garden magazine

(Brian Wheeler) #112

Well my hall made it onto the Farrow and Ball inspiration website! So you never know!

(Ann Coe) #113

Very tasteful Brian, you will have so much fun, and hard work of course, in designing your home here.
I have noticed that during the last 10 years the French have become very much more into decorating and renovating their homes. The style of papering over everything in sight, including ceilings, with garish designs has given way to more subtle blends and a large choice of paper, paints and fabrics.
I think this is due in part to ‘makeover’ programmes that have become popular and have inspired people to become more creative. :thinking:

(stella wood) #114

The main website is very interesting… and comes in 4 languages…

(Brian Wheeler) #115

It’s the only paint I will use, as it’s powder pigment based not acrylic based it’s covers beautifully it will be great in our new french home as it will allow the walls to breath. The colour tones will go beautifully with the stone as well. I’m guessing you can tell I’m a gay man right… lol :joy:

(Ann Coe) #116

Certainly a man with a lot of taste and ideas. Is your partner adept at D.I.Y too ?

I enjoy decorating, including tile laying (but not grouting), and have also built from scratch (in my partner’s house) a decorative wooden mantle with shelving, I used wood from wardrobe doors that were going dirt cheap in a ‘reclamation shop’. :slight_smile:

(Brian Wheeler) #117

Yes he is Ann so we should be a good team, well if I can drag him away long enough from his two greatest passions…cheese :cheese: and wine :wine_glass:!!

It sounds like you are pretty handy at the DIY yourself! :+1:t2::ok_hand:

(Ann Coe) #118

He will be in paradise here then, so many cheeses, so much wine, so little time :wink:

(Meghann Robbe) #119

Very pretty!!!