Maine Coon

I was taking with a friend the other day about the Maine Coon cat - Until this point I had never heard of them!

I have started reading up about them and was wondering if someone here has had any personal experience with them?

I can only imagine what it would be like having a cuddle with one they look absolutely gorgeous.

What a totally handsome boy Ruth! We adore Maine Coons ... such huge characters :-)

Very, very special and handsome!

Not at all. He is just totally adorable and loving and gentle. He is also a 'talker' and announces when comes home, asks to be picked up to eat (he has a bit of arthritis). All he wants is to luff and be luffed.

He made 6 lovely kittens with the Maine Coon of my vet. We gave them away to people who loved the breed and they did the same with any kittens they had.

If Bublé isn't a Maine Coon, I'm Snow White.

He looks gorgeous Ruth, with a bit of 'rascal' thrown in?

Not only are they gorgeous, they are also lovable and loving. My Bertus-Li (now 15 1/2) is the kindest one of the lot of my 5 felines (plus that one ginger pissycat, remember?). I hope he’ll live to be 120 and after that, when I am ready for it, will definitely get another one.

Wow - he's one handsome boy Chrissie - he appears dignified yet a little rakish all at the same time!

Thanks Lynn... I'd forgotten I posted that pic.

This one's better - well, at least you can see all of him!

Found him - thanks Lynn - absolutely beautiful boy Chrissie ... can see why you called him Zorro now!

Hi Carol,

Trawl through the Cat Chat

Discussion 'Basket cases' and you'll find Zorro in his favourite position!

Hi Lynn - thanks for your welcome :-)

I wish Tigger would, but he's just not interested ... Geoff's lap or the sofa is much, much better as far as he's concerned!

Welcome Carol, nice to see them using their new toys too!! Does Tabby Tiger get a look in?

Zorro sounds gorgeous ... I'd love to see a pic of him? Adulthood ... don't think that applies to boys does it!!!

I know exactly what you mean... Zorro's middle name has been Kevin since he arrived, aged 13 months! He's half-Siamese [and possibly a Snowshoe but no papers to prove it] and has real temper tantrums at times... he'll be 3 years old in the summer and I'm hoping adulthood will kick in!

10kg x 3, eh? Don't upset them! lol

Thanks very much Chrissie :-) That's Marco at the top, Finn on the cat tree and then Tess with her mice. Marco can be very much like a teenage hormonal boy at times (although they've all been 'done') - I think we should have named him Kevin!! Finn is a real softy and Mummy's boy and Tess can be a bit of a live wire at times :-) MCs don't stop growing until they reach about 4 years old, so they are definitely going through their terrible teens at the moment! They all weigh about 7kg, so I think they'll make their Dad's weight of over 10kg by the time they are fully grown - they'll be huge, what have we done!

Oh my word... they are all so beautiful but I am totally in love with the one in the top picture! He [or is it she?] has that wise 'old soul' look in his/her eyes...

What a very handsome boy - gorgeous!

He's absolutely gorgeous! I love the way they lie / sleep in such bizarre positions!

Ahhhhh - beautiful :-)