Maison de Retraite

Does anyone have any experience of placing an elderly mother (English) in a Maison de Retraite?

There was another thread on here with the experiences of people in a similar situation, might pay to read?

Thanks Roger,

My mother (96) lives with us here in France and has a Carte Vitale etc. Not happy about placing her in UK because it would restrict my ability to visit and she has no other relatives there. Do you know any circumstances in France where part or all of the cost is picked up by the state (she is here on a S1 so French cost is reclaimed from UK). Do they differentiate between social care needs and health needs as happens in the UK?

To get the best locally talk to the Infirmières: Médecin Traitante who are looking after your Mother ATM.

Note That all the charges for the Maison de Retrait are the liability of the family, you, your siblings and your offspring as well. Whereas in the U.K the costs are levied against your Mother, should she have minimal resources then the care can be free.

Have you thought of returning Mum to the U.K where she will be cared for in English? or is language not a problem for her?