Maison des artistes healthcare

Hi I am an artists living in France and would like to start exhibiting my work. I believe Maison des artists is the organization to join in order to work as an artist in France.

I would like to join but am aware that changes are made to members of this organizations’ healthcare. I was wondering what these were?

Another concern is that although I now have my French nationality my husband doesn’t and is covered under me for his healthcare. Will joining the Maison des artists put his healthcare in jeopardy?

I hope it also won’t effect the 100 percent I am given for a chronic illness.

Any advice, experience or answers to the above concerns would be very much appreciated.

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I can’t remember all the details but I do remember that MdA is a bit complicated, it depends what level of membership you have (affilié or assujetti - basically it depends on your annual income from your activities) whether your cotisations to MdA give you social security benefits or not. If you’re assujettie nothing will change, if you’re affiliée you’ll become entitled to social security benefits such as sick pay. But I don’t think MdA is a separate caisse as such, your caisse will still be CPAM, I assume you are covered by CPAM at the moment?

If your OH is still covered as your ayant droit, this will have to change quite soon in any case because the ayant droit status is being phased out for adults. Since 1.1.16 every adult that has joined the system has joined PUMA in their own right, and those that were already registered as ayant droit have been allowed to keep this status up to 31.12.2019 if they wished (I think that’s the cut off date, you’d better check). Whether or not you have French nationality is irrelevant to healthcare, what matters is whether you are legally resident here.

Thankyou Anna
For me in that case I dont think anything will change as my illness up to
now has prevented me from pursuing certain projects like exhibiting and
so I have not made any sales in the last few years.

At the moment I am with an association, Establon which exists for amateur
artists or artists who are coming back into work or who do not sell
The reason I want to change is that the association doesn’t accept PayPal
or the possibility to sell online via something like Etsy which I wanted to

I didn’t know about the ayant doit changing and this is more worrying. I
will put out a question concerning that too.


A friend of mine is a member and I will see her next week I can ask her some questions for you?
Or put you in touch…she is very kind.

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Thankyou so much Barbara
That would be very helpful as my french is also, not great.
Have a nice day

My friend is French but she speaks excellent English.

OK, thanks again!

Dear Barbara
I forgot to say that my circumstances are a little unusual in that I have a
statue handicapee and there are a few things to clarify. Please let me know
if you would like my email and/or phone number for communication.
Kind Regards

yes an e mail address would be a good idea.
I can only find out the basic system as she knows it.
She will not know about your special circumstances as
they do not apply to her.

Thanks Barbara
My email address is
and just in case it is needed my pone numbers are
04 75 41 42 05
or 06 72 53 05 34

Have a good day