Making the effort

(David Martin) #1

I’m entertaining tonight and have spent the morning doing the necessary shopping. I’ve been to the market to get the best cheese, a boulangerie to get the correct bread and two other shops to get the rest. I got home a bit late and needed a quick easy lunch so made beans on toast. Delicious! I wonder if I would get away with serving it this evening.


(stella wood) #2

We are all the same, I reckon… all the fuss of getting ready for entertaining… wears me out… but I love it once everyone is here and relaxed.

For me… it would be a treat to have beans on toast. In UK I liked Heinz and OH liked HP… so we had a tin each… yummy. Nowadays, we would welcome either brand… :hugs:


(Graham Lees) #3

Nowt wrong the French version… haricot blanc avec sauce tomate.
Probably healthier too :thinking:


(David Martin) #4

Mine are haricots blanc avec sauce tomate, from Leclerc. I find Heinz beans far too sweet now although they used to be a staple food.


(Mandy Davies) #5

Have a lovely time. Don’t work too hard in the kitchen.

Happy New Year to you x

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(stella wood) #6

I really do try to be healthy… but I am only human :roll_eyes::relaxed:

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