Male ROTTWEILER (Theo?) Dept 64 for euthanasia tomorrow (temp assessment 1/4)

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Look at these beautiful dogs. The girl has been saved but the boy is due to be euthanised tomorrow. How can this happen!! Please, please share and see if we can find someone to help him.

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Yesterday at 10:12am

Very very urgent before euthanasia for two rottweiler on the 64
Dog 3 years old sterilised male and 8 years ago, in rule 1/4, assessment, are nice, will be humanely killed if solution is not found very quickly.
We are looking for serious association (new asso who have not proved their worth abstain) specialized or asso having fa with license of detention, or shelter.
Looking at all proposals.
Attention no criticism will only be accepted against the veterinarian who is doing the most to save these dogs. Similarly, we ask you not to make any criticism risking to failure that rescue. If there’s a chance to save them, do not come mess everything up please.
NB: the picture is not the one of these two dogs but in front of the urgency to illustrate this rescue we are allowed to take a picture on…/the-2014-american-rottweiler-club-…/
Contact: only in pm for these dogs.

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He's been saved - result !!

Valerie that is great news!