Man and Van anyone?

Hello, I desperately need a man and van to move like 13 mixed size boxes and a few other items between 2 locations in Montpellier just 8 miles apart.
Any pointers is highly appreciated.
Mary O.

Can you drive? If so hiring a van at Brico is very cheap for a couple of hours.

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Try placing a small ad for someone to help?


I only drive automatic and most of the van I have seen are manual. Aside that, I just moved to Montpellier from UK, still very wary driving on the other side of the road :cold_sweat:

This looks mice, I have been looking for a site like this but only ones have seen has been in English. Hopefully with help from google translate, I should be able to get somewhere. Thanks

Or failing that, ask the marie if they know anyone locally or put a card in your local bakery asking for help…