Man in coma following bullfight protest

I have to agree with Clare. We're in the 21st century and some 'traditions' really are wrong in todays world. Only problem is the minute a human gets hurt, the bull gets put down. Lose lose situation i'd say.

If Mr Higginson is to propound on bullfighting, he should first get his facts right. He could start by visiting the bullring -with the museam and its history- in Ronda and then coming to the bull running in our little village in Alicante. For a start bull fighting and bull running are totally different and Pamplona, which Hemingway made famous, is in a league of its own. I and thousands are off to 'Bous a la mar' next week. Not one spot of blood in sight ,of bull nor man, and very enjoyable.

The tradition was exported to Latin America and in my time working there had to contend with tiny little provincial towns having a corrida when because I was there unwittingly had to effusively decline invitations to be a guest of honour. I cannot express strongly enough how much I dislike this so-called sport and would like to see it consigned to history worldwide. I would like to see it follow the route of fox hunting (Scotland 2002, England and Wales 2004, although Australia still chases to kill) where a trail is laid so that they can go through the motions without terrorising then brutally slaughtering foxes or any other mammals. It is not beyond the wit of humanity to invent something that neither involves the abuse then horrific death of bulls.

Barbaric!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to see all these who support this barbaric tradition put into a ring and cruelly taunted until death and see how they like it.