Man missing and 1,600 evacuated as floods hit southern France

(James Higginson) #1

(Jane Williamson) #2

This is awful.
We were hoping for more rain, which was forecast, but we saw the really black clouds and the lightning to the south of us yesterday afternoon.
We could do with more rain, but not like that.

(Bill Morgan) #3

I was crossing from Corsica to The Continent in 91ish, there had been similar weather in Southern France.
During the night we passed several large tree trunks, the boat, we were travelling fast with a nice breeze, but I was really concerned about hitting one, so hove to, stopped 'til daybreak, turned out, I think it was the Var had flooded and the logs were harvested trunks washed away, a lot of camp sites had been innundated and caravans wash down the river too!

(Bill Morgan) #4

We have been lucky here, not seen any of this flooding that occured further South!

(Mary Wolcott) #5

Wow, great story. Love your posts. I sound like such a fan, but you describe things and I can envision things you write about. I’m a landlubber so am being a voyeur as a result of your posts. Can’t exactly post a ‘like’ though, since, well, hmmm. Probably would be construed as liking the situation you describe rather than the description… :wink:

(Bill Morgan) #6

:+1: I understand Mary :slightly_smiling_face: