Mandatory charges for new businesses

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My Husband and I have relocated to France and have opened a B&B. I read somewhere (although I apologise I cannot remember where) that there are quite a few scammers who contact new business owners under the guise of “here is a bill for you - it is mandatory to pay”. My Husband and I have received a bill from The Centre Professionnel Entreprise for “Contribution for the 2017-2018 period”.

There is so much fine print on the back of the “bill” but I did manage to find some contact details. Firstly the website does not exist and when I googlemap the address it drops me right in the middle of what appears to be a residential area.

Has anybody come across this business calling themselves C.P.E. (Centre Professionnel Entreprise) and know if they are legitimate?

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

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Bruno and Jan MASOT

MOST of the things you will receive during your first year in business will be scams, many of them horribly plausible looking. The most popular is getting you to sign up to business directories etc. Bin them.

If you want to check, type the name of the organisation followed by the word “arnaque” (=scam) into google, and it will usually bring up scam reports. Eg

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Thanks so much Anna :slight_smile:

I have checked it out as advised, and have found this scam listed in the
table below:

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Welcome to running a business in France :wink: