Many routers and still slow

Whilst I am not a techie I am adept with software and some levels of hardware. My problem is the speed of my internet connection.

I have, like many a stone house with thick walls. I have an Orange Broadband router on a landline and satellite dish , as well with Europasat providing the service.

I am getting about 6mgb from the dish allegedly and about 1mgb from the landline router but the dish router is slower?

This is the primary problem, after this I can than make choices about other problems.

I would like to stream TV and improve my connection for video conferencing primarily.

I wonder whether I can improve my landline broadband speed with a supplementary or replacement router for Orange, can I use my own higher spec router and will it make any difference?

Can I improve the satellite broadband by changing supplier or settings?

I do appreciate the wifi problems but that is not a core issue.

Any suggestions anyone?