March - 20 October

Timothy Garton Ash in Today’s Guardian:

If you agree with former prime minister John Major that the Brexit vote was “a colossal misjudgment that will diminish both the UK and the EU”, leaving Britain “weaker and poorer”, then march with us tomorrow. If you feel that the British have a historic and moral responsibility to help the island of Ireland move irrevocably beyond bloody sectarian conflict – march. If you want a liberal, progressive England, not the xenophobic, reactionary England of Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League – march. If you think the economic and cultural concerns of those who voted for Brexit must urgently be addressed, but that Brexit will do nothing to address them – march with us.

If you want your children and grandchildren not to have worse life chances than their parents – march. If you are under 30 and realise that it’s your future that is being sacrificed, as explained by the subversively named pro-referendum campaigns Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) and For Our Future’s Sake (FFS) – then, FFS, march. If you care about Europe as a whole, not just about Britain, and grasp what a serious threat Brexit is to the whole post-1945 project of building a better Europe – march. If you understand that this demonstration is just one small part of a much larger pushback against a worldwide anti-liberal counterrevolution – march. See you there.

Is anyone else from Survive France marching?


We live in Burgundy, but we are with you in spirit.
Our MP, David Drew, who is now in the Shadow Cabinet and only concerned with causing a new General Election, is well aware of our views.
Our MEP’s include Julie Girling, who has been denied the Tory whip because of her views and Molly Scott-Cato, both of whom are on the right track.
The last and only time we marched was in March 1998 for the Countryside March.
We will be watching carefully.
Good luck.

I’m following this although not able to get there sadly as living in the South of France. I hope there will be a massive number of people there and that it makes the politicians sit up and take notice.

John Major eh? Who’d have thought it! He seems to be leading the opposition to Brexit, should be Corbyn’s job of course.

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I met John Major, a few times, in what seems like a lifetime ago… I found him to be a likeable chap and would have judged him to be honest and sincere. Absolutely nothing to do with politics… just an ordinary man amongst a group of our friends. :relaxed:

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Labour is against the repeal of the fifteen year rule.
Nothing to do with being fair, just afraid of more Tory or Lib Dem voters?