Marianne appeared in my letter box

.... signifying the income tax demand. The dreaded blueish image signifying something official. Can't be another speeding ticket, can it? No, income tax, aaarrghhh.

Ok, tax is as inevitable as death, and income tax, while a burden, is a necessary one, because not everybody is fortunate enough to be in work. That wasn't intended to be ironic.

But the part that really irks me, is that because I possess several (well, two...) téléviseurs, it is assumed that I watch French TV. Johhny Summerton's recent post should explain why I don't. I don't know the catchphrase, it sounds like the equivalent of chav-speak, Vicky Pollard style.

I don't. I don't even have an aerial on the roof.

What I do have is a Brico Depot satellite dish and receiver, the former pointed towards the Astra2 bird. Yes, that's right, I watch Britain has X-talent. Or could do if I wanted.

What has that to do with the tax demand? I possess a television receiver, so I have to pay the redevance TV. I don't know how much it is offhand, it probably says the amount on the demand somewhere. I watch UK TV and listen to UK radio via satellite.

So question: has anybody who possesses a TV in France got out of paying the redevance télé?

FYI, I don't pay the BBC licence fee either, but would prefer to pay this than the redevance. You don't get owt for nowt as we say in north Surrey.

If your over 65

when in Rome...! It's detailled on your taxe d'habitation, around 120€ ;-)