Marina, you must see the cat called Marina!

Marina is so gorgeous, not only in looks but in nature.

She has had a very traumatic couple of weeks.

Taken to the pound, not reclaimed so destined to be put to sleep. Chats du Quercy heard of her plight so ‘rescued’ her. We were told that Marina had a slight hernia, nothing to worry about, can be ‘fixed’ when she is neutered.

Luckily we have the services of an excellent vet because Marina’s hernia was horrible, she was also pregnant, so the whole operation is taking Marina a while to recover from.

Tested negative FIV/FeLV, Marina is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

She is a tiny scrap of a cat, about one year old and craves human contact, she will rest in your arms, thankful to now have a secure future, but she needs a permanent loving home - can you help?

Call Lynn at Chats du Quercy on 05 63 94 73 97

Hi Stuart,
Adoption of any animal obviously has to be something the whole family are happy with, if your wife is concerned about allergies but would really like to adopt, why not pop along to the doctor as these days there is medication, homeopathy too that can help overcome these problems.
I have heard from several people who adore animals and who have ‘overcome’ their reactions in time, I guess it depends how severe a reaction you have. I have never had this problem but have been told that constant exposure helps? Ask your doctor for advice

Gorgeous, wish I could convince the wife.
I love cats but she’s worried I might have a reactio to it (asthma)

Forgot to say, Marina is a type siamoise Tabby Point with the most stunning eyes - take a look at her photo!