Market research!


This is probably a first on a forum, but given the nature of the members here, I feel certain that I shall get some comments!

Basically I am about to launch a new product in France and the web site will be important. The site has been designed and is now in "Test" mode.

Prior to actual launch I would appreciate any comments from members on Content, Layout, Ease of use and of course suitability of the product itself!

Be assured that comments will be studied carefully and where appropriate, changes will be made.

The site can be accessed at though nothing can yet be bought!

Thanks in advance


(Lynn STONE) #2

Hi Peter,
I would be very interested in your proposition of pet insurance. Would you be able to contact me so that I can explain more fully?
Many thanks - you should have my telephone number


Thanks for the comment.
There is (or should be!) a reference at the botoom of each page to the name of the holding company promoting the plan, which is On this site are photos of directors etc. There is also in the Terms and Conditions section a full breakdown of who the underwriters are. I see your point, but disagree that we should have names of people, there are too many. The Underwriters are Swedish, the enrolment and fulfilment platform is in London, the claims platform running through Toulouse, and the policy could be sold by agents anywhere in France. There is on the web site enough detail, if you look for it, but the idea is to sell the product, not the people behind it. To be fair to you though, it is not clear unless you follow links or read the terms and conditions, and given that you only had a brief glance I doubt if you found the links etc.
As an aside, whereas we are operating under the French system (ORIAS), their rules and regulations governing insurers are not nearly as stringent as those imposed by the FSA in the UK. Our products have been designed to come up to FSA standards, this includes allowing the client to see who is behind the products. (The reason being that we also sell insurance products (myexcessinsured) in the UK!
Once again thanks for taking the time to review.
Best regards

(Craig McGinty) #4

Nice clean, simple, easy ion the eye website.

Would like it to be a little more personal, think it is v.important nowadays for there to be a name behind a business and people like to know who they are handing their money to, especially so in an online environment.

As for the product, I’ve seen a few companies offering pet insurance although taking the confusion and the language out of the equation should prove helpful to many.