hi all

i have recentley moved to 87600 area and i am a cabinet maker can anyone advise on xmas markets for me to sell very top quality items, childrens furniture in particular,


Hi Gary, I live in the 66/Perpignan area and have been doing markets for a while now. Your local Mairie office should have a list with all the markets in your region, along with the days of the week.

However, as for Christmas markets, for my area I found a list on an English forum site (I gave this to many of the French market traders as there didn't seem to be one in French). If you can't find a list, look up each towns website and it should have details of the Christmas market- although maybe not contact details, so just call the Mairie office.

I would say start looking soon as each Christmas market will have a deadline for application. For some (mainly the larger towns) they will ask for insurance and traders license.

Good luck,