Masks - to wear on not to wear

Very educational. See the pinned tweet at the top… then progress through the experiments.

Nice illustration.

But it does show that, for masks to be effective, most people need to wear one - and unless there is official advice or legislation to support this, most will not.

government have surely passed on the advice… then they say …they leave it to the people’s common sense… :woozy_face: :dizzy_face: :rofl: :wink:

No one needs a mask…it’s all over! Leclerc at lunchtime had about 10% mask wearers including us. Won’t be too long before people start pointing and making disparaging remarks about the people with the weird facial apparel :wink:

Wear a mask. even if it does no good, it’s good manners.
Expat Brits will have enough trouble justifying their right to remain here without being seen to flout the local regulations.

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thanks for the update… obviously not going to bother shopping at Leclerc :wink:

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I wear mine to go shopping and I feel that may well happen soon!

who gives a shit? in my case, it’s probably an improvement anyway :rofl:

Wear… people can say what they want :tongue:

I couldn’t possibly comment!

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What is it about Leclerc I wonder? I agree - only about 10% wearing masks and fours young maskless lads abusive to me yesterday when I asked them to “respectez la distance” - their response along the lines of “f*** off and die”.
Lidls today much better. Centrakor, also better, but the woman on the cash till spent her entire time moving her mask - one minute on, next minute off.
We have started wearing masks with copper lining as the implication is it gives us some protection and wearing it does allow me some reassurance that I may (and I realise it’s only may) be also protecting myself.
I find the current scenario bizarre beyond belief. I am getting our gite ready for our first guests and tying myself in knots thinking through what I need to do to protect them and us and going through the French cleaning protocols and then going out into a world that now (seemingly) couldn’t care less.

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Hang in there Sue… just do your best .


We noticed the same at Leclerc LaRochefoucauld (Charente).
Is it by chance just that particular establishment or are many of the Leclerc shops the same?

No idea Nigel but it would perhaps help if the staff led by example. There are many pros and cons regarding mask wearing and they’ve been chewed over before on SF but for me personally I really don’t see that it’s too much effort to wear one in places like shops where social distancing is difficult.

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but at least there, they have introduced a good one way system into and out of the store and floor markings at the tills. Last time we were there (Friday IIRC) the number of people wearing masks was higher than you suggest…

Have not really noticed in our local leclerc, tend to go to what I need and away, but all the staff wear masks and are still behind screen’s :woman_shrugging:

I’ve noticed differences from town to town. Bergerac much higher not wearing than Mussidan for example. DH took DS2 to take his books back to Perigueux last week and all the college kids were piled 6 to a normal bench (3 sat down, 3 at the back!) he said there wasnt’ a single mask in sight. I also over heard someone in Lidl the other day telling a friend they’d sent thier daughter back to college for 1 day and then not as there was no mask wearing, no get available, no distancing! The Dordogne has crazy low rate and I think people getting very complacent, although largish numbers of Parisians and Brits descending already so we’ll see what happens to our rates. Parisians seem particularly adverse to masks!

For the fashion conscious, made of gold, value around £3000 and probably not available at a SuperU near you…

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Wow! I can’t imagine how he can speak with that on. The naff elastic rather lets it down.

Attended a picnic at a local Aire de Loisirs this afternoon which has a cafe in the grounds and no one including the staff were wearing masks.