Massive increase in spam calls to mobile?

just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue as I am, in the last month or 2 I have started getting loads more spam calls (4 or 5 a day some days). It is driving me nuts and wondered if anyone else has had this? I’m guessing my number has been sold to some list :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

yeah, probably FB :grin:
The advantage with calls to mobile like this is that you can block the number - useful if the numbers are from bongo bongo land and you can select any number calling from the international pattern selected.

A month or so back I started getting calls from a Paris number twice a day. Looking on-line, other people are getting calls from them too. I blocked it on my mobile but am still getting them. I’m wondering if (it’s an Orange Sim) there is another way of blocking them other than via the mobile itself.

Depends on the mobile but I think you can bar all calls except those in your contacts list (or a so called ‘white’ list).
For a grumpy old sod like me, that’s not a problem as I don’t expect calls from others anyway :wink:

I don’t expect calls either! I blacklisted the number but to no avail. Sigh… Still, I rarely use the mobile so I shall just stick it in a dark cupboard :smiley:

is that because it came from a different number? Surely not the same number :thinking:
Was there a pattern in the presentation of the number? ie both Parisien numbers for example?

ME/AE register given you registered recently

It’s the same number. I’ve now had 16 calls from it in 10 days

bizarre. Not questioning your abilitoes with the phone, but what phone is it and what steps are you taking to block the number? I presume Android…

It’s a notaire in Paris trying to get hold of you to let you know you are the beneficiary in a will from your great aunt. :grin:

I’m amazed you’ve had the self-control not to answer it. I make a point of saying “HELLO” in a loud very English voice if I think the call looks like spam. Gets rid of most of them

hah hah or just answer it, say nothing and leave the phone switched on in a drawer while you go about your normal business. They’ll be the ones to get bored in the end :wink:

I think you are both right! I shall try those approaches :smiley:
(It’s a non-smart phone…)

I’ve been getting calls from Belgium over the last two weeks. Usually at lunch time. If I pick up there is nothing and no message. The number changes a bit each time. I just leave it to ring and then block the number on my iPhone.