Mastercard Is Axing the Magnetic Strip… in 2033

2033? 12 years away?

“Mastercard announced that the transition would start in 2024. At this time, the stripe will no longer be required on new cards in select regions like Europe”

I think that means it will all be done by then but it will start much sooner, particularly in Europe…
Who knows about the the backwaters of little insignificant islands in the North Sea off the coast of mainland Europe :wink:

Have the Septics not embraced chip and PIN yet?

I realise you’ve added the wink emoji there so are being tongue in cheek, but it is the UK banks that have been pushing this for YEARS, it’s primarily because magstripe payments are still used in Europe that MasterCard Europe haven’t done it by now. As I’m sure you know, most of the UK fintechs, and actually a few of the high street banks, have magstripe payments switched off by default because it’s almost never used in the UK now, and is the least secure part of the card in regards to fraud.

Before getting my toll tag I used to on occasion create a line of angry cars behind me as I got to the booth, put in my Starling Bank debit card only for it to be declined because I’d forgotten to switch the magstripe payments on which was how the toll machines worked. :see_no_evil: I don’t know how they’re getting on with upgrading the machines to use the chip instead of magstripe as I use the tag now, but it could make for interesting travelling in France if you have no magstripe lol

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