May to make 'important intervention' on Brexit, says Verhofstadt

Brexit: Theresa May wants to intensify pace of talks

Bit of a misleading headline I think - “intervention” in English has different connotations from “intervention” in French. It just means she’s going to make a speech or deliver a presentation, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to step in and make drastic changes.

“Intervention” in French can also mean “surgical intervention” suggesting perhaps she is going to surgically remove David Davis…
One can live in hope :no_mouth:


Can disgraced ex-Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox, Johnson and Gove also be excised, please?

Would Verhofstadt use the French term?

I don’t know but it seems clear from the text that what’s being referred to is a scheduled speech, and I don’t think English speakers normally say 'make an intervention" when they mean “make a speech”. Maybe he was talking Franglais :grinning: