Mayu needs a loving home

(Evelyn Gorrill) #1

Mayu is a gentle friendly dog who loves people and other dogs and she’s lonely and would love to live in the country. Her owners realise that they can’t give her the life she needs and are asking if there is anyone who would give her the home she needs. She’s 3 years old, chipped, vaccinated but not neutered. She’s a small version of the Dulux dog and I have pictures if I can work out how to put them on here. By her owners admission, she’s not having a great life and looks very sad. If anyone might be interested please get in touch with me and I can put you in touch with the owners who would be very grateful. She’s wonderful with children by the way, but not great with cats!


(linda lewis) #2

im very happy for her -excellent news

(Gina Hams) #3

Now that is real LOVE. We have never owned a dog. They are our companions even the ones that fart for England, and France , of course. Think that Jane could do a pretty good rendering of the Marseilles that way !!!

Any progress on Maya?? G.

PS Lizzy will only "sit "on Assis ain’t that fascinating. heheheh

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Owned isn’t the word! It’s funny really, when I was a child I ALWAYS wanted a dog. I was so desperate I made up an imaginary black and white cocker spaniel called Toby who went everywhere with me. Many years and dogs later, I finally get my spaniel who is about 13, deaf, half blind, has a heart condition, farts like a b***ard and chatters his teeth at me to show his excitement at tea time. And I love him to bits!

(linda lewis) #5

hi i think she is too far away from us but will pass on the message to some friends of mine

(Judy Mansfield) #6

Oh I would love this little girl… But TOH says 2 dogs are enough. (I didn’t know you were owned by a spaniel, Catharine!)

(linda lewis) #7

hi shes lovely -can you tell me where she is please

(Catharine Higginson) #8

She looks gorgeous! We took on an elderly spaniel last year who was a cat chaser to start with but the cats now sleep in his bed on occasion.
Will spread the word! x