Mazda MX5 wanted

(Roger Bruton) #1

I'm going to buy (still searching) a Mazda MX5 from the UK and bring it over here. A thought just occurred to me .... has anyone here got one for sale???

(Roger Bruton) #2

Thanks Theo -- I'll be happier when I get French plates on it -- I'm getting all the aggressive nonsense at the moment from the people that feel they MUST "get past that foreign show-off". :-)

(Theo Fruendt) #3

happy cruising ;-)

(Roger Bruton) #4

Tim - My local garage is very happy to work on the car I bought. (They also do all the work on my Land Rover.) They fixed a burst hose last week and changed my disc pads for 200 euros, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

(Roger Bruton) #5

Theo - I finally found one .... on LeBonCoin! It was a British one, in Dordogne, at a very good price. We are very happy together! :-)

(Theo Fruendt) #6

Roger, you better look a this leboncion. Sure you will get that vehicle cheaper in Swiss, even in Germany. The hassle with homogenization is not funny if you don’t have a good mechanic who does it for you. There are also these MG’s, these “younger” ones if you don’t need a 4-seater, they are reliable and easy to maintain.

(Tim Glaister) #7

my advice`s a mazda don`t do it unless you can service it repair it yourself i had a mazda xedos 6 and everything and i mean everything cost a minimum 400 euros..and most garages refused to work on it.good luck

(Roger Bruton) #8

The UK one turned out to be rotten underneath. Germany has occurred to me - I've had two cars from there in the past. In fact there is a guy in 57 who brings them over the border and currently has a few for sale. The only problem is that from here to Alsace is a hell of a distance to go for a look.

(John Brian) #9

If I was looking for that specific car I would look in Germany as they have been very popular there and you see a lot of second hand examples for sale. LHD with the correct headlamps as well! Be a bit careful with older models though as early on many were imported from the USA to overcome import quotas. These might prove difficult to register in France.

(Roger Bruton) #10

I've found two in Pau, both very over-priced. The French dealers are the worlds leading optimists! :-) Just waiting to hear about a very nice one in the UK that a friend is going to inspect for me this morning.

(michael archer) #11

I have been looking for one for month's here in the lot, i have been told that they do not come up for sale very often. on reading the reports on the new model coming out soon, i think i will raid my pension fund and wait for one of them.