Mazda MX5 wanted

I'm going to buy (still searching) a Mazda MX5 from the UK and bring it over here. A thought just occurred to me .... has anyone here got one for sale???

Thanks Theo -- I'll be happier when I get French plates on it -- I'm getting all the aggressive nonsense at the moment from the people that feel they MUST "get past that foreign show-off". :-)

happy cruising ;-)

Tim - My local garage is very happy to work on the car I bought. (They also do all the work on my Land Rover.) They fixed a burst hose last week and changed my disc pads for 200 euros, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

Theo - I finally found one .... on LeBonCoin! It was a British one, in Dordogne, at a very good price. We are very happy together! :-)

Roger, you better look a this leboncion. Sure you will get that vehicle cheaper in Swiss, even in Germany. The hassle with homogenization is not funny if you don’t have a good mechanic who does it for you. There are also these MG’s, these “younger” ones if you don’t need a 4-seater, they are reliable and easy to maintain.

my advice`s a mazda don`t do it unless you can service it repair it yourself i had a mazda xedos 6 and everything and i mean everything cost a minimum 400 euros..and most garages refused to work on it.good luck

The UK one turned out to be rotten underneath. Germany has occurred to me - I've had two cars from there in the past. In fact there is a guy in 57 who brings them over the border and currently has a few for sale. The only problem is that from here to Alsace is a hell of a distance to go for a look.

If I was looking for that specific car I would look in Germany as they have been very popular there and you see a lot of second hand examples for sale. LHD with the correct headlamps as well! Be a bit careful with older models though as early on many were imported from the USA to overcome import quotas. These might prove difficult to register in France.

I've found two in Pau, both very over-priced. The French dealers are the worlds leading optimists! :-) Just waiting to hear about a very nice one in the UK that a friend is going to inspect for me this morning.

I have been looking for one for month's here in the lot, i have been told that they do not come up for sale very often. on reading the reports on the new model coming out soon, i think i will raid my pension fund and wait for one of them.