McCulloch Hedge trimmer spark plug

Probably dead simple, but can anyone tell me how the spark plug cap is removed on a McCulloch Ergolite hedge trimmer please. It appears to be putting up too much resistance for a simple pull off. Any help greatly received.

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Got it thanks. It was on factory setting finger tight...and the plug itself was even tighter. All running like a dream now, so the Mrs can get to work. What time does the match kick off.

Should just pull off Nico, they can be difficult at times especially if the cover hasn't been removed in years. The cap may be forced on so you need some good pliers or grips to pullt wist it off. Try some WD40 which may help.

Best advice is to get your missus to pull it off. She's much stronger than you......

(no double entendres intended !!!)

Thanks guys. I don't want to be pulling it to bits from the inside out yet as it is fairly new. I'm sure it's one of these child proof things - that they don't explain in the manual.

I have something similar with one of our chainsaws. Rather than using conventional pliers I use an old pair of plumbing pliers that have the two curved, serrated grip parts over double the size of electrical ones. It then takes a good grip, a bit of a twist then a gentle pull. When I took it in for a service one year, the man who does the work phoned to ask if I knew how to get it off. So I went down with my pliers and showed him. Since then he has been OK doing it. So, it may be what you are trying to do it with.

I had that problem Nick, not wanting to mess up the cap I removed the spark generator and un wound the cap from the plug I seem to remember but it was a good while back. It still wouldn't come all the way so I had to pull the last bit and just plier the wire coil back into shape and push it back into the cap. Sorry can't be clearer but it was 7,8,9 years ago.