ME, UK ltd company, eBay and PayPal!

We are now both registered as MEs, it was done through infogreffe. It took less than a week to get the paperwork with siret/siren numbers.
Hubby has now decided he probably won’t open a small business here and has instead started the process to get the UK ltd company registered with urssaf Alsace as a uk employer in France. Their information is very good and is available in French, English and German! Once the registration is complete, he will receive a French salary from that uk company. Being salaire and paying cotisations on it will mean he can immediately apply for residency in France along one of the online pathways (new online system has no time restrictions on applying if you are in receipt of a salary in France!) There’s a one stop system for overseas employers via tfe. It provides payslips and you make one payment to them and they share it with the departments which require it (cotisations allocations) I’m hopeful the system will be simple to use!
I am struggling to get to accept the code from the deposits they put in my French bank account, but I guess I just need to keep on trying!
Ebay - does anyone have experience of how to set the ebay account up to provide the correct form of facture to satisfy the French tax system? I’ve been told it can be done, but find ebay difficult and obstructive in English, so don’t imagine the French site will be any easier to navigate!
In the uk, I’ve always relied on PayPal for my income figures as ebay were a law unto themselves and would change January’s figures in july, without notifying me, so my previous years figures would end up wrong. PayPal makes the changes on the day they’re made, so don’t affect earlier figures!
Is there a guide to record keeping, what we need to provide in France? In the uk I worked in accounts from 16, so I only needed to update knowledge as and when things changed. France is a whole new ball game!

I have no idea how eBay works from the seller side. But if you are registered as a French pro seller then I would have thought any invoices you generate will automatically comply with all the correct mentions légales etc. As regards keeping accounts, there are specific rules for each business structure but for ME it is very very simple. You record all your receipts, and the total of your receipts should match the invoice total, and you declare that as your turnover figure. That is literally the only figure you need. If you are a reseller you are also required to keep a record of your stock purchases but that will only be looked at in an inspection. You will find all the rules online.

Thank you.
My French isn’t yet good enough to understand everything on the official site.
I am a reseller, so will keep hold of all of my invoices.
I made a mistake when I set up the ebay account as I didn’t click the professional button. I had thought that if I open up an eBay shop that would swap the account to pro as there is a 20€/month fee for a shop.
Perhaps I will just close that account and try again!

Don’t just shove them in a shoe box though! because I think you have to record details of each transaction, either electronically on a system where you can run reports, or by hand in a book that can be inspected. AFAIK for each purchase you have to record the supplier, date, amount and I don’t know what else. You would need to check that. I know the online accounting system I use has a tool for recording purchases but I’m not a reseller so I’ve never used it.

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