Mechanic wanted in 64

(Hazel and Gary Bailey) #1

Well, just wasted 60 euros on a garage - needed to find out where the oil leak was coming from on the motor - they have confirmed (for 60 euros) that there is a leak and it could be from four different possible sources! When we asked how much to find out which one and to fix it, they replied they didn't know how much or how long it would take.

So...... we are now looking for an english speaking mechanic - a mobile one would be fantastic..... who could come and have a look and do the work.

Car is running fine, just don't like the oil leak on the ground all the time.

We are in Bedeille in 64.

(Hazel and Gary Bailey) #2

Merci Bien!

(Catharine Higginson) #3

et voila! 0559670311

(Hazel and Gary Bailey) #4

Thanks Catharine - you don’t have their number by any chance?

(Catharine Higginson) #5

I can highly recommend the garage Des Trois Vallees in Orthez on the route de Pau. The clutch cable went on the van and we got towed there - at 5 pm on a Friday night. Its run by a really lovely couple - they go to the UK a lot, have English friends and the wife made the effort to speak English. They tried to get the part and were prepared to stay late to fix it if they could find the part!! They couldn’t but did it swiftly once the part arrived, the price was very reasonable for a garage and I will be taking my cars there in the future! C x