Medical Assistance

One thing that is needed when you come to France is your medical cover. In the main, this is covered by the CPAM (via the E121) who issue with a Carte Vitale. You will also require a “top-up” which is issued by a Mutuelle. However, we have seen quite horrendous quotes from non-french companies quoting for this top-up when in fact, a French company will quote about half the cost for similar cover!

Having been the beneficiaries of the French medical (including hospitalisation and surgery) and dental systems - including crowns and root canal work - we cannot fault it.

Knowing that this particular part of one's life is looked after for a very moderate monthly fee, is a real benefit of living in this country.

Our health in fact is top-class, thanks to the level of medical care we receive. Our hospitalisation was due to (a) a double hernia (caused when my husband tried to lift his heavy motorbike) and a broken foot (mine) due to a fall I had as a teenager..... Other than that, the doctor calls us the "teenagers" when we come for our routine 6 monthly check-up.

To all our compatriots who live in France or who are about to embark on a new life in this attractive country, it is a good life here!

Kind regards,


Dear Jake, no I have no connections with any health care system - other than being a
beneficiary of the French Health system. I am in fact an Artist with a back-ground in
Architecture and Interior Design.



Hi, Anne !
Are you working in healthcare?
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Amarad Claudio Jake