Medical certificates for "chasseurs"?

I signed this because I live in fear of being mistaken for a wild boar during the hunting season and because I too have lost pets mistaken for rabbits or whatever. Personally I think there should be compulsory breathalysing of hunters. If motorists can be banned for being over the limit is it not reasonable that people who carry guns should risk losing their licence if they've had one too many?

Too bl**dy right. What I see on the Sundays when I go out with them and refuse to drink their home distilled hooch with them is scary. That they drive, let alone shoot, is terrifying. Some of them have shaky hands so that even if they do not drink they are a liability. They give not a toss for the law, chasing a deer across a garden and shooting over the top of a dog got my dander up and then I was told I take it too seriously. Some actually need psychological profiling as well because they are obsessive rather than enthusiastic. The problem, as our not hunting deputy mayor says, is that too many gendarmes, doctors, judges, mayors and all the rest hunt too and defend it to the death. Most of the time they are too pi**ed to hit anything, several Sundays have been lots of bangs, a few vehicle crashes and nothing shot as a result.