Medical Insurancexa or Groupama

Hi My medical insurance costs have increased by 50% in the last few years. I am told that the French state offers a a "Medical Insurance scheme" like Axa or Groupama, but which is much cheaper. Does anyone kn ow about this facility and where I can find some information.


Peter Scawen

Hi Claire

Thank you and I will research.

At present I only have top-up for "Hospitalisation" since my other medical costs, are largely covered by the state scheme and the balance, that I end up paying (net of reimbursements is less than 200 Euros per year) is well below the additional cost of adding all my medical costs to the top-up.

Have a look at this, since most elderly people, like me and I guess like your parents, have on-going medical conditions that the French system pays 100% anyway, so top-up is a waste of money.



There have been a couple of discussions about medical top up insurance lately to which i keep sending the same reply . I don't know about the French state offer perhaps googling it might get an answer but in the meantime here is what I keep trying to recommend.

Try these my parents have just signed with them and we will be too when our current top up contract finishes. The price works out very similar to other quotes but has the added advantage of up to 50% of your cotisation returned each year if you don't claim all that amount back,

For example if you only claim 30 euros back in top up insurance and you pay 1000 Euros in the year you get 50% minus your 30 euros back .