Medical Terms & Medicines for Kids

If you are like me, you most likely remember your childhood illnesses and the medicines you took to treat them. One of the first things that you can find daunting as a non-french parent in France is how to describe your childs illness and how do you know what to give them?

This thread is intended not as a diagnosis tool (your Medecin is the recommended route for diagnosing all illnesses) but for us to share the English/French terminology specifically relating to childhood illnesses.

The first medecine I searched for was Calpol (good old trusty pink paracetamol) I asked the Dr and was prescribed Doliprane (not pink syrup but suppositories). The next time I asked for the sirop and was pleased to discover it does exist and it's just like Calpol. Suppositories seem to be heavily favoured in France & perhaps are useful for very little ones who have an inbuilt reaction to spit out medecine but for older children I've found the sirop goes down well without a spoon full of sugar.

Please do share your experiences with us.

Something to watchout for with little ones is the replacement of 'brand' medicine with generics, as a rule I am always happy to take the generic and save the state a few pennies, however, with the antibiotics for little ones, generally the taste is not as nice.

The other thing to note is that most antibiotics need to be given 3 times a day, which is difficult if your child is at school or daycare - Orelox only needs to be given twice a day, so it means after the first couple of days and your little is feeling better, they can go back to school/daycare etc and continue the course of antibiotics - and as a working mum, I can go back to work!

With regards to the suppos, I wish they would invent antibiotics in suppo form, it sure beats chasing kids round the kitchen and forcing their mouth open to swallow nasty medicine! My 2 were born here and drop their pants automatically when we mention medicine, however it remains strictly my job, there are some things that Daddy absolutely REFUSES to do! LOL

yep, I bought an electronic ear thermometer (same model our Medecin uses). The hospital maternity staff were not amused that I proposed to use this on a 1 day old baby. Well I don't like the idea of sticking a stick up their bottom, I'm English & squeemish.