Meet up at Beehive pub in Montpellier

Greetings all,

This Thursday 3rd October around 7:00/7:30, I will be meeting a small group of anglophone friends at the Beehive Pub. Near to St Roch church.

Non-alcohol drinkers are welcome, and there are nice snacks and meals for those that wish to order. So if any one want to come and join us, please do- all age groups, religions, nationality and make of iPhone welcome! If you are shy, ask for me and I will buy you a first drink and make you feel part of the group before you can say "Who are all these strange people?"

If you can't make it but would like to come to the next, send me a msg so I can inform you.


Oh it's the BCA group? Yes, I know them, I was a member when it first started many moons ago. :)

My apologies for not replying sooner - the next RDV is tomorrow...I hope some of you can make it.

The BCA Pub Evening is on Thursday, November 7th at 7pm in The Beehive.
Please click on the following link to see it on a map:

Sarah, I am sorry about your bad experience at Beehive, I can't change the venue but maybe we can arrange something between us for next time. BTW Clive, if you still need, I know an English speaking dentist, who is also really good. regards Gary

Hi Gary! I currently live near B├ęziers but am looking to move as soon as my house is sold, hopefully up to Montpellier. I'd love to keep abreast of your meetings so that I could nip up to one if I ever have a child-free night when you're holding one! I look forward to meeting you guys one day! Nicole :)

I cannot make this Thursday, but please let me know about the next Montp. rdv.

By the way, did my posting asking if anyone knew of an English speaking dentist in Montp. ever appear?

I find this site very confusing!

Clive Simmonds in Montpellier

Hi Gary

Sounds a great idea, but the last time I went to the Beehive I had my wallet and my Kindle nicked and I vowed never to go back there again. Bizarrely, when I mentioned it on FB, someone said that a week before she'd had her wallet nicked there too.

So if you decide to go somewhere else next time, count me in.