Meet up in person?

Hello all you Languedoc-Roussillon members!

With 63 of us in the group, maybe we should get together for a small glass of something?

Where would people be willing to go?








Mende? (OK maybe not, although it is appaarently quite stunning up there)

To kick it off, just reply to say you might be interested, then we'll start narrowing the possibilities.

Personally, I would seriously consider Montpellier, and definately be up for any of the others.

Take it away..!

Ditto...or idem


We will be in Pezenas March - June. then again in the fall for roughly 3 months. I hope we can meet up sometime during these visit. Looking forward to it. I’m so happy I found this web site. This provides a great avenue for connection with others. Many thanks to the creators. We are new to the area and are looking forward to discovering so much. The Languedoc area has so much to offer.

Great. Thanks. Well done for organising, not a mean feat, with the amount of people involved. Looking forward to meeting everyone face to face. Claire x

Superb, I’ll second that, thank you Miles


So, I'm keeping an approximate head count at the moment and within a few days will have details of times, what we will be doing, and where. Just to confirm, it will be Montpellier (venue to be confirmed) on the 22/2/2011 and Carcassonne on the 1/3/2011 at 42 RVH.

Watch this space...

great idea and I would be up for Montepeillier and Nîmes. Let me know and I am looking forward to already. x

i’d be interested in meeting up march 1st - would that be the inaugarul meeting then?

Count me in for Montpellier on 22nd Feb.

Hey folks, Carcassonne on 1st March is good for us . . . look forward to meeting some new folks.


Sharon + Willie


Tuesday 1st March in Carcassonne is fine for me. Looking forward to it!

Tuesday 1st March in Carcassonne. See you there

22 nd Feb Montpellier, fine for me. Anyone coming up from Pezenas wanting to share?

love to, but I can only just about get to Pezenas by bus & I’d have 2 nippers in tow so I’d better pass!

Me, too: there’s a large chance I’ll be gone by the beginning of March.

Tuesday 22/2 looks good for me in Montpellier.

Tuesday 1st March in Carcassonne it is then. Once you know who can make it we’ll confirm a time and I’ll circulate some details on finding 42rvh.

Barbara Simpson-Birks says Yes to Montpellier