Meetup in Lannemezan, Hautes-Pyrenees

Hi all,

I've just added an event for a group meetup in Lannemezan in October.

Details here

It would be great to see as many group members as possible, but I know it will be too far for some. Midi-Pyrenees is a huge region!!


ps - because it is market day, the town is normally very busy and the main car park covered in stalls. You can park in Lidl car park, just on the outskirts and walk in.

Google Map for Lidl

The point marked for Lidl is slightly out - it is just to the right, over the next roundabout on Boulevard Gén de Gaulle

Hi Sandy and Mike,

Lovely to meet you as well. Yes, I did mention possibly arranging the next one for Castelnau-Magnoac, so will have a look at dates and put something on the events.


Hi James, no problem, shame you missed it. Seven turned up this time and would have been nine if Lynn and Roger didn't have to wait for a delivery that never showed up. Not bad for a first time.

Next one was vaguely discussed as Castelnau Magnoac on a Saturday. Will let you know a date soon.

Sorry, we weren't able to make this one Martin, hopefully next time. Did you have a good turn out?



Very nice to meet everyone yesterday.

Sorry to hear you had a frustrating day Lynn, especially as it was such a lovely day for a drive in the Lotus!

Castelnau Magnoac for the next one??

Hi Martin,

So sorry that we missed out, especially as that good weather you ordered turned up!!

We had to wait in for essential new enclosures for the many many kittens we still keep being inundated with! In all it was a very busy and frustrating day so I hope yours was better. In fact the delivery should have been on Tuesday but the delivery driver from Toulouse couldn't find our village!!! then we were told 10.30am on Wednesday, by midday and still no parcels, 'apparently' the packages were in Montauban. I rang then again at 4pm to be told that they were just leaving Toulouse again. By this stage I gave up. In fact we could have been back in time if we'd have known that the delivery was going to be at 6pm!!

We'll promise to try harder next time!!

Hope you all had a great time.

The more the merrier!!

I’llbe there with English immersion student Leo!

Hi Nikki,

Would be good to see you.



Hi Martin, I will try and come, but it depends on whether Gary's around to cover the shop for me. Wednesday's is market day in Boulogne too, so can't really shut up shop.

That’s why I’m hoping for a nice day, Martin!
if not we may just have to put the soft top on!!
Ron wouldn’t miss having the trip either - see you there!!

That would be great. I “know” so many people through social media, but rarely get to meet them.
Hope you can make it

It’s fine now thanks - I sent James over to have a look and the message had gone - ahh, the joys of technology…!!

We’re aiming to be there!

Hi Catherine,
Thats odd. I have just looked for it in the Event listings and it’s there and clicked on the link I posted in this thread and it works!
If it needs re-posting then yes, please do that.

Hi Martin - there seems to be an issue with the event as posted - you’ve closed it down! Do you want me to delete that post and re-post? let me know - thanks Cx

Hi Lynn,
Will be nice to see you again. Thats quite a drive, so I hope the sun is shining so you can bring the Lotus! is Ron coming as well?

Great. Will be good to meet up.

Hi Martin,
Hope that it’s a nice day - we’ll try and make it!

I’ll be there, have posted to my FB page.