Members near Saint-Brieuc, 22

Hello everyone

Looking for those of us near St Brieuc for some near to home connections :0)


Just in case you haven't seen it SFN have created a st brieuc group :0)

Oooo… that’s interesting Graham… I recently hooked up with another musician on here too and we’d be looking for some small, intimate venues - v interesting.

I’m near Plaintel if that’s any use. 20 mins South of St Brieuc. Any good?

Hi Natasha - i’m near Plaintel - any use to you for a coffee stop en route? :0)

I am in diddly no where in 22!!! - about 45 mins from St Brieuc - enroute to Dinan

I am in deep dark 22 about 45 mins from Saint Brieuc - we do come up to Saint Brieuc every couple of weeks to get to the ‘big’ shops!