Memory Box

OK the title is a bit to metrosexual for me, but its what it is.

Today I have spent a large part of the day searching for a piece of paper that is important and needed, it has a password on it thats proving hard to renew with a different one because I need to old one the change to a new one.

In searching the house I checked my memory box, its just a plastic A4 file box and in there are personal letters that I have chosen to keep, old payslips, training courses I've done, articles I've written for trade magazines, the list goes on.

I read most of the contents and this made me start thinking, when my numbers up, the kids will have the dubious pleasure of sorting my affairs. I just hope they sell everything and enjoy the proceeds, material things have little value to me.

I left the family home when the eldest was 12 and didnt have a close involvement in their lives for some considerable time. End result they didnt see much of my life for 15 years, or in fairness see much of me before that as I permanently worked away from home.

What I hope they understand from this box is something of my life, the simple bits are fine, working 2 jobs to keep our heads above water, some of the training I went through on the fire service, some of the sites I saw whilst being a fireman. Letters from a one time boss congratulating me on sales targets surpassed or customers taken from competitors, possibly giving input into how hard it was to keep afloat in what was then, one of the worst recessions the UK had experienced. Fell races won, training required to do so, even just being a blood donor.

You never expect kids to appreciate what you do and that's fine its something that comes when they go through the same.

Some of the letters in the box are some what saucy, for want of a better word, for me pleasant memories, of times gone past that I have no wish to erase or for that matter renew with the writers. Some of them are of tough times best forgotten but part of my history, the questions are this.

Do I leave all this for the kids to find? Do I get rid and rely on my memory? Would I be embarrassed if they read it now? Probably, but would it matter as long as re-incarnation doesn't exist.

Would you want to know of your parents history in this way?

I know I would, mine are very secretive and know little of there real lives, only finding something out 40 years after the event and only by doing the maths. Still not knowing why I went to hospital every week for a 'check up' for 4 months. I never ask they never tell, would it shock me if I found something similar to my memory box? No, I don't think so, it would make me realise they were real people after all.

So answers on a postcard please, what should I do with the box contents?

Oh and I still haven't found the password