Memory Foam Mattress Toppers? Any good?

Bit of a long shot this one, but I wondered if anyone has any experience of memory foam mattress toppers and if so what you think of them.
I’ve an Ikea sofa bed and the mattress is very thin, so I’m thinking of getting a thick mattress topper to go on top. In the past I’ve bought toppers that are made up of pockets of padding and they are a nightmare to get back to shape after being washed - the padding just goes into lumps. So I wondered about memory foam?
I’d be grateful for thoughts/suggestions. Thanks.

We have one, king size, bloody lovely…only downside is that if you ever remove the cover to wash it, it’s an absolute pig to get back on. I’d imagine it’s a lot easier on a sofa bed/single size mattress.

Those Emma ones always get rave reviews - but I think they may be full mattresses rather than toppers.

Thanks Mark - in fact it’s a double bed - large sofa. So that’s going to be fun! May I ask, what make/where you bought it please?

Yes Stevie I think they are mattresses. I just need the topper.

I have one. It is good! We have it for our mattress, only difference is that mattress is hard as a rock. So not sure how this would be on a soft mattress.

The one in the link below has made our mattress really nice to sleep on.é-hôtellerie/dp/B01L0C5362/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=RESTBULLE+Surmatelas+de+Confort+Moelleux+140+x+190+cm+-+Qualité…&qid=1599238786&sr=8-1

I bought one, and promptly gave it away. I felt as if I were drowning and it was too hot. But if this is essentially for a spare bed perhaps that doesn’t matter? On one of our spare beds which is a non standard size as built in under the eaves we just got dense foam cut to size and stitched a sheet over it.

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It might be from Ikea, but not sure. It was gifted to us a couple of years ago, brand new, by a couple that stayed in our gite. They were given it visiting a friend who lived locally, they could get it in the car back here, but no way could they get it back home when they left.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I wondered about the one you have chosen Marijke. And Jane I also have concerns about whether it will be too hot. But I need to do something. We have a family staying in a couple of weeks and they need the downstairs bed for 12 nights and at the moment I think it’s just not comfortable enough.

I bought a memory foam topper from mail order La Redoute about ten years ago, so it may need replacing but it is still very comfortable. I have it on top of a fairly soft mattress (I’m sounding like the Princess and the Pea!) and wouldn’t be without it. I cover it with a cotton mattress protector and an Egyptian cotton sheet and haven’t found it to be unduly hot. I agree that getting the cover back on after washing is a bit of a struggle. I’d really recommend one for your bed settee.

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It has been a bit hot when it was really hot here but that was high thirties during the day so about 27 degrees at night. Other than that it is perfect.

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I’ve gone for the one you’ve got Marijke. Arriving Wednesday.
RE the washing - the ad implies the cover can only be washed in cold water, is that true?
I’ll go for your suggestion Joyce, with a cotton protector and cotton sheet and hopefully that will be ok. At this time of the year it shouldn’t be too hot anyway.

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We have had four 160cm Ikea memory foam toppers on top of eight of the cheapest firm Ikea 80cm mattresses, allowing us to separate to single beds when required. We got the idea from neighbours running an upmarket B&B who swore by them. They are extremely comfortable and not too hot, and are still ‘like new’ (only used two or three months/year). Covers are relatively easy to take on and off and come up spotless with Napisan or equivalent. Only issue is the topper can curl up a bit at the corners with stretch mattress protectors/fitted sheets.

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Thanks Ian - Napisan is an excellent idea - since I gather these covers cannot be washed hot.

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Do you think napisan might work for the irritating sunscreen and sweat combo? I have to replace gîte sheets every years as can’t seem to keep them white. Biotex, bleach and oxyclean don’t seem to do it.

Personal experience is very positive, I would say get a 7cm thick one, for us they last about 6/7 years in continuous use then start to develop dementia

Thank you Martin - interesting comment! :rofl: How does the dementia manifest itself?

he can’t remember :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We have good mattresses and Cool Max bedding.
We use the Cool Max for ourselves and I have a special American mattress topper on my mattress which is also cooling.
I can’t sleep if I am too warm, never mind hot.

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Longish soaking in Napisan seems to fix almost anything - haven’t had a problem up to a few days. However we don’t use white sheets.

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We have had a couple of the Leesa memory foam mattresses & found them excellent. A nice touch is that for every 10 mattresses they sell they donate 1 to a homeless shelter.

While furnishing our French home we chose an IKEA mattress without any great expectations just because it was cheap & they could deliver quicker than Leesa. After 3 months of use we have both agreed that it’s as good as any mattress we have ever owned & it was only €299 for a super-kingsize It’s firm but really comfortable & the movements of one partner are completely isolated from the other.

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