Men and dates

My son has just rung me and asked if i could remember which date in February is his wedding anniversary.
I told him i was pretty sure it’s the 26th but said he could always check his marriage certificate. He hadn’t thought of that.
Why is it most men cannot remember significant dates? I say most because my husband always remembers our wedding anniversary but for many years thought our son was born on the 12th although he was born on the 14th!

LOL - lots of dates I’d rather forget Teresa ! :blush:


True story - when I got married the last time I thought it would be great if I got married on the same date as my sister to help our aged mother remember our wedding anniversaries, unfortunately I got the date wrong by a day!


My nephew was born several weeks early and his dad used that as an excuse for never being able to remember his birthday. He received years of nagging about this then one year had to be abroad on the day. Determined not to make an error again he turned to a room of business people and explained he was sorry to interrupt the progress but it was his sons birthday and he had to speak to him. Only for the entire room to hear ‘ That’s great thanks Dad, but it’s tomorrow ‘


I’m gonna hold my hand up here to say that it’s not only men who forget dates…x :slight_smile:

Mom’s birthday Dad’s birthday My kids’ birthdays…date my dad died…date of his funeral…dates I lost one of my Border Collies…all engraved on my heart…

Date I got married…date I seperated…date I got divorced…not a clue…when one of my daughters needed the info for her little ones passports it took a couple of weeks searching historical records to come up with the answer…(in my defence it was 20 plus years later…) x :smiley:


Have to admit… the only dates I am sure of (apart from Christmas)… are my birthday and daughters (same day), OH birthday… and our wedding day… the rest are lost in the ether and always have been… seems I have a lost/slipped cog in my brain… :hugs:


That’s really special and unforgettable having a daughter born on your birthday…one of my daughters was born at my mom and dad’s house on Mother’s Day…:heart:



Only men hey? My mother could never remember the date I was born (and no I wasn’t adopted) - she actually had me!


I rarely remember our anniversary. To be fair, we decided to get hitched before signing for this house in order to tie up legal loose ends. So it was a coin choice between a winter wedding in a Leatherhead registry office or a cheapie wedding+honeymoon break in Mauritius - guess which one we chose. I ordered a secondhand kingfisher-blue cocktail dress off Ebay (nothing suitable in the shops in winter unless you like black and red) which arrived the day before we left (and which I didn’t try on until ten minutes before saying “I do” - yes it fitted but it was a squeeze!). So we sunned ourselves in Mauritius and were meant to get married on the beach on one day but it was delayed by a day or two due to some reason. So - because I’ve never printed invitations nor had an enormous build-up to my wedding like most brides - the date is really unimportant. It’s just when anniversary cards arrive from my family and Mr. H. and I turn to each other, consult the calendar and exclaim “oh, it was yesterday”. So, not just men …


I cannot forget our elder daughter’s birthday, 1st January.
I have to remember to send her card in time with all the disruption of Christmas.


I’m the same, Stella, I have a blind spot for anniversary dates. I remember my wife’s birthday because it’s the day Guido Fawkes’s plot to blow parliament to blazes was foiled.

I think the association with a huge explosion chez moi helps me remember it. So much so that, when asked my own birth-date here, I often stammer “le cinq novembre” :thinking::scream::bomb::boom:


Mea Culpa! I am hopeless remembering dates and always have been - including on occasion my own birthday! Wedding Dates - I can’t even remember the year!

I only met my presumed Father on three occasions and he hadn’t a clue who I was despite being announced as his ‘second son’!

I got married at Leatherhead registry office too!

Well it is physical and even physiological. Men are better to locate themselves in space, whereas women are better to locate themselves in time.

I am good map and orientation guy, my wife is the best to remind me my agenda.

So stop arguing and count on each other for our qualities.

Quelqu’un reprend un verre de St Nicolas de Bourgueil et on se met en slip ?


Its true about spatial awareness, mine is sadly lacking.


I often get calls from my OH at home in France while I am working in England asking me when is his hospital appointment etc!
Then when we go shopping after I’ve been away for a fortnight he’ll ask me whether we need this or that!


Dates, Bah!!
I used to be one girlfriend name ’ behind’. Kind of painful to use exgirl friends name in certain situations. :pleading_face:


How lovely…a New Year’s Day baby…! I can only begin to imagine your New Year’s Eve preparations on that turning of the year…x :slight_smile:

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