Men and women

Would it be a "delicate" question if i asked you what is the difference between men and women for you dear SFN members?

Tried to write in prose


How to Treat a Woman

Never try to

Compete with her

Always always ask

How she is coping

Also remember

These things

She is usually

Weaker than you

She feels pain

Easier than you

Both in the mind

And the body

A woman needs

To be loved

And to be shown

That she is loved

When she thinks

That she has lost

Her style and looks

And feels down

Remind her that you

Still think she is beautiful

Because in all reality

You probably do…

Gosh someone has a chip on their shoulder!!

I couldn't have put it better. Bravo that's exactly how life is for me to. However men do usually have the final say, which is usually "yes dear".


Men are always wrong even when they are right. Women are always right even when they are wrong.

Each has a role to play, whether one likes it or not, and yes Conrad, it would appear that these roles are a little more accepted here, leading to less bickering.

This all depends upon your viewpoint. What is properly?

Women provide the children for men to play at wars with their ultimate boys’ toys!

Madam? mean "The Boss"! Many Happies to you too.

Have a look at:

Well, it does happen to be true.

Ow, difficult. I am very much influenced by feminist writers, particularly feminist anthropologists. Some well know feminists have been friends, indeed our professor of social anthropology in Cambridge now, Henrietta Moore, is a good mate. I aspire to much many of them say and tell us about ourselves as men, but I also let myself down and, clearly, women with what I intend but do not always achieve. Psychologically, I wish I was as strong as many women.

Physically, well we know all of that, so skip it.