Merde- Pardon my French!- Unexpected SPANC Bill for inspecting my Fosse Septique

In line with the new Fosse Septique regulations I had my septic tank inspected in the summer and was given a couple of things to do to bring it up to standard which included emptying it!!..and fitting a charcoal filter. This was followed up in writing by a letter a few weeks later outlining the work I had to do before 2015. No problems there.....

I was surprised yesterday however to receive a bill from SPANC for 110 euros which was their charge for carrying out the Inspection. I wasn't expecting this and wondered whether others had received similar bills following their inspections....?

Many thanks



Thanks guys- It's reassured me that I'm not being 'had over'. It just seems odd to introduce a new law which requires retrospective inspection and then charge people for the privilege.....

It certainly has gone up. I have heard tales of €150 and more for the inspection. Hopefully I will escape the inspection because according to the agent I bought my hovel from, "there is no fosse". Ha Ha I've looked and can't find it so as long as I can't find any smelly areas on or near the property I am happy to not have a fosse. Meanwhile I practice the French shrug! I have modified it slightly. I pull both pockets out of my jeans to indicate they are empty. My neighbour cracked up when I showed him.

It seems to have gone up from 80 euros, which was what we were charged four years ago for the inspection of our new fosse, which we had to have installed before we could begin our alterations.