Message in a bottle: tenants in search of a peaceful oasis


We are looking for a (very) quiet accommodation in France.

  • Who we are: We are a French couple and we spent many years working and traveling overseas. We speak French and English, and we are learning Dutch. We walked from South Africa to France (in 4 years, 20,000 km: by searching our names on the web, you will find international press articles and a video). We are working in the field of scientific documentary journalism and currently writing a book and making a documentary. For this, we need to find a quiet place to complete this stage of our work before moving on to another project abroad in 2 or 3 years.

  • We are looking for an accommodation that is:

  • habitable (which does not require renovations).
  • either isolated or with an exceptionally respectful neighbor (we had to move several times because of noisy and generally disruptive neighbors and we no longer want to take any risks).
  • What we propose
  • Rent: max. €400 / month + charges.
  • We are willing to pay one year’s rent in advance (or even three years) upon signing the lease, as permitted by law.
  • A couple of civil servants, who earn more than five times the amount of our rent, are vouching for us because they know we have never been late with our rent payments.

While it isn’t a lot, we offer other exceptional benefits (for an exceptional rental) that more than make up for it. (*The specific points will depend on your proposal and will be discussed before signing the lease. The agreed-upon points will be outlined in a moral contract attached to the lease).

For an exceptional rental, we can offer these exceptional benefits: (It is difficult to find tenants who accept and respect these conditions. We take pride in keeping our word and what you will find about us on the web speaks to our determination.).

  • You will be able to take back possession of your property after three years. (We may leave before then, but we ask for a 3-year lease to be sure.)
  • If you need regular help: we can offer between 4 to 8 hours of volunteer work every 2 weeks. This informally adds almost 200€ per month (or 600€ in total) with the added advantage of being able to count on resourceful, handy people who have a taste for effort and well-done work and above all who are trustworthy. If you need more hours, we can also perform other paid tasks that would replace our remote work hours.
  • Our profile is also perfect if you need someone to watch over your property since we work 7/365 on our project (and do some remote work on the side). We don’t take weekends or vacations: we’re eager to move on to the next step.
  • Our profile is also ideal when meters are shared (in our current accommodation, we share the water and electricity meters and the telephone/internet line with our landlord). Everyone wins, but it requires finding trustworthy tenants who can limit their consumption.
  • It would be difficult to find tenants who are more conscientious and considerate than us (not to mention that we don’t have time for a social life).

In summary, we are the perfect tenants for keeping an eye on (and maintaining) a second home. Additionally, we can provide companionship for an elderly person or take care of pets.

Enora Nedelec and Guillaume Combot

I wish we had a place that met your requirements! Particularly the respectful neighbours.


Nedelec - a good Breton name from where I have moved from. Many Nedelec families.

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