MG Midget for sale

1972 MG Midget. RHD.

This car had a complete bare shell rebuild in 1994 & any rust was cut out & replaced with new metal. The engine was rebuilt too.

This was done by its previous owner & there is a photo record of all the work. Before re-assembly the body was rustproofed & the colour changed from red to British racing green.

The car was then treated like a favourite child & was only used for weekend fun when the weather allowed. He brought the car over to France when he moved here where due to the demands of house & garden it spent the last 10 years in a dry garage with an occasional fire-up to keep things moving. Realising that he is unlikely to use it he has let it go.

The MG is the 1972 to 1974 model so still a chrome bumper model. It also has the round rear wheel arches which was unique to this 2 year production run.

It has the 1275 engine with twin carbs, proper folding roof & Rostyle wheels.

Oil pressure is good, clutch is fine & the brakes work.

This car is structurally sound with no rust issues although the waxoyl treatment could do with a refresh where it has dried out. I have a vehicle lift so potential buyers can have a thorough look underneath. First gear is noisy, a common issue but the others are fine. There is a dent on top of one wing where a cat knocked a box off a shelf in the garage & there is paint damage on the boot lid from a leaking r/c model’s fuel tank that was left there. There are a few little chips in the paint as there would be after 25 years or so.

The car will be french registered & an FFVE certificate has already been applied for. As soon as my CT station re-opens it will be tested.

It is a sound car which can be used ‘as is’ or tinkered with to make it near perfect without resorting to any major work.

I am selling it because I am old & a big unit, the latter making getting in & out a bit of a challenge!

Offers in the region of 5250 euros.


That looks very nice and the price is pretty attractive as well.

Nice looking car Mark. I once had a girlfriend who had one of them (in blue), needed to be a bloody contortionist​:wink::wink:

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She looks lovely Mark, very tempting. Hood’s in nice condition too.

I like A series engines. I spent a lot of time tinkering around with them and there are endless tweaks and little improvements to make.

I remember changing the gearbox oil on a friend’s midget once and it was like panning for gold the amount of glittering phosphor bronze (?) swarf that came out. Gearbox still ran perfectly for years after that. They are tough little cars.

A very fair price too, especially all carte grised up etc. My issue is where to find space to put her.


Just out of interest Mark, does she have a alternator?

Oh, glorious, nostalgic memories. My brother had a red MG midget and we went up to the Edinburgh festival in it from south of London. Drove all through the night. And there weren’t many motorways in those days!

Still has the dynamo, John.

Now sold, thanks.

I didn’t think they were that hard to drive? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m too tall to do anything in a midget :joy:

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A good buy.