Mhairi Black MP Slams Trident Renewal - Do we need it?

Do we need to keep Trident or could the funds be put to better use elsewhere?

  • Keep Trident
  • Scrap Trident

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Absolutely pointless, Its about time nukes were cast into the shadows and were banned, placed in the same category as chem and bio weapons, they serve no purpose in war other than mutually assured destruction and cannot be used without collateral damage.

The argument for mutually assured destruction reminds me of a famous quote - “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

We should keep Trident if only as a deterrent against nuclear attack, current world events would show that is the wise thing to do. With Putin rattling his Sabre and USA winding up the Russians in Syria, UK and indeed Europe are potentially at heightened risk of attack. Russia is quite willing to employ field tactical nukes (low yield 1 megaton battlefield weapons) in fact I’m surprised they haven’t yet deployed these in Syria.

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I voted keep.

That doesn’t mean to say I approve of their use but, like Saddam Hussain, there’s nothing wrong in making people think you are serious about having WMD to keep them at bay :wink:

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